Goal setting + my 2017 goals

Confession: I’m high-key into goal setting. Even if you’re not a fan of New Years Resolutions, you can set goals anytime during the year to help you continue striving to be a better version of yourself! Here are a few ways that I like to set goals and prioritize what’s most important so that I can
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2016: the year of ambition

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22!
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Saying goodbye to 2015

Between just returning home from a semester abroad (which included organizing my bedroom/life since I left it a mess the last time I was here in August) and the food/family-filled craziness of the holidays and moving into school, I am just getting around to thinking more in depth about the year we are leaving behind.
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New Year’s resolutions revisited

Happy Spring Semester! Though it’s not looking much like spring at all, it’s good to be back at Endicott. I’m continuing to write for the Endicott Observer newspaper and here’s the text of my latest article: (drawing by: @maddiegalaxy)   

Bring On 2015

Now that we are nearly two weeks into the new year, I have finally nailed down what I hope to achieve this year! 2014 was such an incredible year, which makes me want to strive for an even better 2015.
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Since we are now in the new year, I’ve been taking some time to reflect on the year behind me. 2014 was an incredible year for me, complete with a lot of soul-searching and traveling. I thought the best way for me to recap the year was to look back on the goals I made
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