September Weather- I've been spending my commute to work and school discovering some new jams so check out September's playlist:

Recap + jams: September weather

Happy autumn! The official start of my favorite season has me jumping for joy…. and, quite frankly, so does September being over.
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I don’t know about you but August snuck up on me. All summer I felt like I was looking forward to August because, for me, that was when all the big things were happening. Well, August, you came in with a bang!
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Recap + jams: July Saturday night

By July I had gotten into the swing of things. I was somehow getting up at 6 for work everyday and feeling like I had turned over a new leaf. I had been aching for an adventure after social media-stalking numerous friends of mine on their post-grad cross country road trips. In typical Erin fashion, I decided
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Recap + jams: June came so soon

After a few weeks hanging at the beach and hitting the gym, summer got on its way as I started my nannying job with the best little munchkins I could ask for. This month was a lot about transitioning to being back home and figuring future things out little by little. 
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Recap + jams: May flowers

May was intense. Being a senior in college, the entire month felt like a whirlwind of emotions. This month I: 

Recap + jams: April Showers

If I’ve never mentioned it before, I am an avid Spotify user. I love being able to discover new music and have songs from any genre literally at my fingertips. (By the way, this is not an ad! I really do recommend it to everyone I know… Spotify, we can totally partner together here. I already do your marketing
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