Saying goodbye to 2015

Between just returning home from a semester abroad (which included organizing my bedroom/life since I left it a mess the last time I was here in August) and the food/family-filled craziness of the holidays and moving into school, I am just getting around to thinking more in depth about the year we are leaving behind.
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Hasta luego, Costa Rica!

COSTA RICA –> USA I knew the day would come that I would be heading home from Costa Rica but it always seemed so far away. It feels like just yesterday that I was packing up my heavy, overstuffed bags and heading to the airport in preparation for this journey. You know what they say;
102 days // 7 countries // 24 cities // a lifetime of memories. Studying abroad was everything I hoped it would be and more. I am beyond thankful for this experience but it’s time to start my next adventure… Until next time, Madrid
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I can now say that I’m in my final two weeks in Madrid, which seems surreal. I feel like I just got here and like I’ve been here forever, which makes no sense at all. In between freaking out about studying for my millions of finals, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on my
The ease of travel throughout Europe Vegan croquetas The adorable puppy play group I pass on my way to class every morning Learning new Spanish every day Having meals cooked for me every day There is always SOMETHING to do when living in a city Free entry to clubs The drinking age (sorry dad) Talking
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September goodbyes

USA —> EUROPE This past week I’ve said goodbye to the most important people in my life. I got to head to Block Island to celebrate my mom’s birthday on my family’s annual summer Block trip right before we sent my baby sister off to Endicott. A couple days later, I was lucky enough to