Baked zucchini chips

GUYS I just plugged my camera into my new desktop for the first time and found photos of a bunch of recipes I tried out this summer. I had planned to share them but was so busy that I didn’t get around to the writing part…. then I forgot about the recipes altogether. Oops :/ BUT lucky for all of you, they’ve resurfaced! I’m
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I’ve pretty much already told everyone I know about the newest vegetarian restaurant in my area: 21 Oak in Manchester, Connecticut. Easily located at 21 Oak Street (props for being simple to remember!) right off of Main Street, in the same small building that was previously a family-owned restaurant, it’s so nice to have a welcoming vegetarian
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GEORGIE’S DINER // WEST HAVEN, CT I’m not sure if I’ve written about it before, but one thing to know about me is that I am absolutely OBSESSED with Happy Cow. 
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