MADRID, SPAIN I just realized that this blog post I wrote a million years ago (back in October) is up on so check it out:
MADRID, SPAIN –> CT, USA It’s January 19th, which means that I have officially been back home in the United States for exactly one month! Time flies! I thought I would take some time to reflect on my final days of my Spanish study abroad experience. I wrote this the day before I headed to
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On Wednesdays we go to Gabana

Since I’m leaving Madrid later this week, I decided to do some reflecting (while procrastinating my finals studying, of course) on some of my favorite little things about Madrid, as well as my study abroad experience as a whole. So here’s the first one!  
The ease of travel throughout Europe Vegan croquetas The adorable puppy play group I pass on my way to class every morning Learning new Spanish every day Having meals cooked for me every day There is always SOMETHING to do when living in a city Free entry to clubs The drinking age (sorry dad) Talking
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Amsterdam, Netherlands Thursday: After feeling sick all day and having to write essays on the plane, I was SO happy to land in Amsterdam.
My second to last article is about- you guessed it- some fantastic food in Europe. Check out the text below (with a couple extra pictures) and make sure to hit up the Observer website to read more stories online! 

A night in Pisa, Italy

PISA, ITALY You have noooo idea how long ONE photo of me holding up the tower took……
Athens, Greece

T + E: Tommy takes Madrid!

MADRID, SPAIN Wednesday: After two loooooong months, I was lucky enough to receive a visit from my boyfriend, Tommy! As a college graduate with a “big boy job” as I like to call it, Tommy took a PAID (so unfair) week off of work to adventure with me in Europe. I couldn’t have been happier to
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Florence, Italy

All roads lead to Rome


Fall break update + reflections

ITALY —> SPAIN My trip to Italy was absolutely incredible! Better than I ever could’ve hoped or asked for! However, Madrid feels like home to me now and I was definitely ready to stop living out of a duffel bag and come home. Exhausted as I was, I shuffled into my apartment with a big

A weekend in the Amalfi Coast


Study abroad reflections: October

Madrid, Spain Can’t believe I’ve officially been in Madrid for a month. It’s been quite a ride! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being here, but one thing they don’t tell you about traveling is that when you are sick all you’ll want is a hug from your mom Finally got a Spanish cell phone

Where in the World is Erin?

ITALY! Today I embark on my trip to Italy, where I’ve wanted to visit for as long as I can remember. Instead of booking a multi-country tour or going with a big group, my friends and I decided to squeeze as much of Italy as we could into 9 days and see this beautiful country
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1 day in: Toledo, Spain

Toledo, Spain Okay, I must admit that the excursion to Toledo was not my favorite. I think it’s mostly because I started out quite grumpy; I was starving but my sandwich was soggy so I had to scope out a place to buy something vegetarian without sitting down for an hour, there were randomly flies

A weekend in: Sevilla, Spain

Sevilla, Spain