RIO PACUARE, COSTA RICA On September 15, Día de Independencia in Costa Rica, we didn’t have school so my friends and I decided to go on a white water rafting excursion. I had never gone rafting before so I really had not a clue what to expect, but I’m always up for trying something new so
Wallingford, CT
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1 day in: Cuenca, Spain

Cuenca, Spain

A night in Pisa, Italy

PISA, ITALY You have noooo idea how long ONE photo of me holding up the tower took……

1 day in: Toledo, Spain

Toledo, Spain Okay, I must admit that the excursion to Toledo was not my favorite. I think it’s mostly because I started out quite grumpy; I was starving but my sandwich was soggy so I had to scope out a place to buy something vegetarian without sitting down for an hour, there were randomly flies

A day in Córdoba, Spain

Córdoba, Spain

1 day in: Segovia, Spain

Segovia, Spain
Barcelona, spain Last week my friends Sam, Shelby, and I went to Oktoberfest in Germany. Since we were taking a bus (yes, BUS… more about that later!) from Barcelona to Munich, we decided to make a trip out of it. So after waking up at 4:30am- or not sleeping for fear of not being able