Florence, Italy

All roads lead to Rome


Fall break update + reflections

ITALY —> SPAIN My trip to Italy was absolutely incredible! Better than I ever could’ve hoped or asked for! However, Madrid feels like home to me now and I was definitely ready to stop living out of a duffel bag and come home. Exhausted as I was, I shuffled into my apartment with a big

A weekend in the Amalfi Coast


Study abroad reflections: October

Madrid, Spain Can’t believe I’ve officially been in Madrid for a month. It’s been quite a ride! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being here, but one thing they don’t tell you about traveling is that when you are sick all you’ll want is a hug from your mom Finally got a Spanish cell phone

Where in the World is Erin?

ITALY! Today I embark on my trip to Italy, where I’ve wanted to visit for as long as I can remember. Instead of booking a multi-country tour or going with a big group, my friends and I decided to squeeze as much of Italy as we could into 9 days and see this beautiful country
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Living with a host family 101

This week’s post in the Endicott Observer! As always, check out the website and be sure to pick up a copy if you’re on campus!

1 day in: Toledo, Spain

Toledo, Spain Okay, I must admit that the excursion to Toledo was not my favorite. I think it’s mostly because I started out quite grumpy; I was starving but my sandwich was soggy so I had to scope out a place to buy something vegetarian without sitting down for an hour, there were randomly flies

A weekend in: Sevilla, Spain

Sevilla, Spain

A day in Córdoba, Spain

Córdoba, Spain
Check out my article in this week’s Endicott Observer!

Today’s adventures in Madrid

Madrid, Spain I didn’t even realize until I looked at back through my photos that today was full of adventures. After a normal morning of classes, I met my Spanish Culture and Civilization class at the National Archeological Museum. It’s definitely a LOT to take in all at once but the substitute teacher that came with
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1 day in: Segovia, Spain

Segovia, Spain

Oktoberfest in Munich

München, Germany Oktoberfest 2014 was one for the books, that’s for sure! We made our way to Munich by bus from Barcelona. Everyone thought we were absolutely insane (and we kind of were) because WHO DOES THAT?! But it was waaay chapter than taking a flight since the bus, campsite, and food/drink at the site were
Barcelona, spain Last week my friends Sam, Shelby, and I went to Oktoberfest in Germany. Since we were taking a bus (yes, BUS… more about that later!) from Barcelona to Munich, we decided to make a trip out of it. So after waking up at 4:30am- or not sleeping for fear of not being able
Here’s the text of my first article for my new column in the Endicott Observer, my college’s newspaper:

Vamos a la playa: Alicante, Spain

Alicante, Spain On Friday we embarked on our first weekend trip! The original plan was to go to Portugal so we could check out Lisbon and spend our days in Cascais on the beach, but then we saw that the forecast was rain all day everyday (when later on I saw that the weather was

Semana dos en España

MADRID, SPAIN This past week has been nuts! We started school (hence the obligatory first day of school photo), have been exploring the city, went to a salsa night, got VIP entry and free drinks at a local club, checked out the free class at a local pole fitness studio, and planned our first weekend