Trouble in paradise

San José, Costa Rica I know I have yet to write an actual post about being in Costa Rica yet, but I promise it’s in the works. I have literally had next to no time to even stop and think; it’s been go go go since I arrived in San José a week and a half ago-

Video: Budapest- George Ezra cover

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GEORGIE’S DINER // WEST HAVEN, CT I’m not sure if I’ve written about it before, but one thing to know about me is that I am absolutely OBSESSED with Happy Cow. 
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Wallingford, CT
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Performing an original song

Beverly, MA I have always loved singing, even just for fun. I’m one of those people that is just always singing and I don’t care whether I’m good at it or not. Life is better with music!! Though I do occasionally write poetry, I rarely put anything to music and I wouldn’t call myself a songwriter
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ENDICOTT COLLEGE // BEVERLY, MA I have been MIA from the blog for a couple months now because I was too busy having an absolute blast! Coming back to Endicott after a semester abroad and a month at home, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Post-study abroad depression had blocked out any thoughts of what second semester
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Organic garden cafe // Beverly, MA Finally got to write a review about my absolute favorite restaurant, Organic Garden Cafe!

T + E: 1 year!

I’m a pretty lucky gal that I’ve spent 1 whole year with my best friend having adventures and exploring the world together. Thomas has stuck with me through four months abroad, countless temper tantrums, and way more smiles. 
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Video: how to swim with manatees

Crystal River, FL A few months ago, I had to create a “how to” video for my Technology in the Classroom course. Luckily I had a lot of footage from the first time Tommy and I used the GoPro underwater while swimming with manatees in Florida so here’s my (very cheesy but actually informative) “how to swim
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Though I’ve been playing guitar for nearly two years, I certainly wouldn’t call myself some sort of expert. I was lucky enough to have 3 roommates who loved to jam out and sing along while I practiced or take my guitar to the beach and hang out with everyone, both of which were SO much
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Easy vegan polenta lasagna

Not quite sure why but I’ve been craving polenta lately so I picked some up when I spotted it in the organic section at Stop n Shop. It sat in my pantry for a couple weeks before I saw a recipe for polenta lasagna. I then decided to create my own vegan version so here
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Career fair recap

I attended the Career Fair a few weeks ago and was able to cover it for the Endicott Observer. Check out my recap! This year’s Career Fair had quite the turnout, with nearly one hundred employers present including EF College Break, HP Hood LLC, and even the Federal Bureau of Investigation. According to Dale McLennan,

New Year’s resolutions revisited

Happy Spring Semester! Though it’s not looking much like spring at all, it’s good to be back at Endicott. I’m continuing to write for the Endicott Observer newspaper and here’s the text of my latest article: (drawing by: @maddiegalaxy)   
Let’s get one thing straight: I was NEVER one for Valentine’s Day. Instead, I was that annoying friend that would go on and on about how stupid this “Hallmark Holiday” was and how your significant other should love you every day of the year. Even if I was in a relationship, I wouldn’t be caught
MADRID, SPAIN I just realized that this blog post I wrote a million years ago (back in October) is up on so check it out:

Veganuary: January recipes part 1

Happy Veganuary, friends! What is Veganuary, you might ask? It’s a new movement aimed at trying to open people’s minds to a plant-based lifestyle and all its benefits. It’s a chance to try something new, or even to celebrate everyday habits. In my opinion, this whole thing is pretty cool. Whether it be for animals,
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Vegan in CT: ION restaurant + bar

ION RESTAURANT // Middletown, CT When looking for a restaurant a few weeks ago, my friend suggested we try a local vegan restaurant. Coming from an omnivore, I was extra excited! So my mom, best friend, and I headed to It’s Only Natural in Middletown (adorably nicknamed ION) and had one of the most fabulous
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MADRID, SPAIN –> CT, USA It’s January 19th, which means that I have officially been back home in the United States for exactly one month! Time flies! I thought I would take some time to reflect on my final days of my Spanish study abroad experience. I wrote this the day before I headed to
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One of my goals for the new year is to take a good look at all the products I own and transition to cruelty-free, more natural products. Understandably, it is not a one-day transition because we use so many products on our face and body daily and it’s tough to sift through all the unhealthy
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Bring On 2015

Now that we are nearly two weeks into the new year, I have finally nailed down what I hope to achieve this year! 2014 was such an incredible year, which makes me want to strive for an even better 2015.
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