Start embracing Mondays - #MakethemostofyourMonday
Ahhhh, Monday! The start of a new week. A fresh page, a blank slate. If you’re rolling your eyes or yawning or thinking, this lady is crazy… I hate Mondays, just hear me out for a sec. Sure, the last thing I want to do is peel myself out of my suddenly extra comfortable bed to
Yup, you read that right! Since I’d dubbed 2017 as my year of creativity, I’ve tried to go a little out of the box with my goals. Instead of telling myself to “run every day”  (which, even as a former xc runner and avid racer, I know is not a realistic goal for ME) or
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Slow cooker lentil soup

I’m not a big fan of winter. Even though I’ve grown up in New England, I’m a bit wimpy when it comes to the cold. Plus, winter makes me so feel extra tired and lazy. That’s where our slow cooker comes in. I’m obsessed with them. On days I’m too lazy or too busy to
This post is adapted from a piece I wrote for the 2016 Mind Body Dialogues performance at Endicott College. I was always a little bigger growing up. Despite being involved in every sport you could think of, and teaching myself healthy eating habits, genetics got the best of me. I spent my childhood overweight and
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What's your focus word? | The Wanderess
Have you ever created a focus word for the year? 2016 was the first year I did it – the year of ambition – and I loved having a mantra to help me push through the times I wasn’t feeling so ambitious. This year I’ve created a new focus and I urge you to do

Goal setting + my 2017 goals

Confession: I’m high-key into goal setting. Even if you’re not a fan of New Years Resolutions, you can set goals anytime during the year to help you continue striving to be a better version of yourself! Here are a few ways that I like to set goals and prioritize what’s most important so that I can
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GF Vegan Mint chocolate chip cookies

Mint chocolate chip cookies

I’ve been trying to get more creative in the kitchen. I’m all about EASY, healthy vegan meals where I can throw a bunch of ingredients into a pot, have it done in 30 minutes or less, and call it cooking. So baking doesn’t come as easily to me because you have to measure and be
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Baked zucchini chips

GUYS I just plugged my camera into my new desktop for the first time and found photos of a bunch of recipes I tried out this summer. I had planned to share them but was so busy that I didn’t get around to the writing part…. then I forgot about the recipes altogether. Oops :/ BUT lucky for all of you, they’ve resurfaced! I’m
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Learning to be brave | The Wanderess

Learning to be brave

Last week I was lucky to be able to attend a Q&A session with Reshma Saujani, who spoke about raising girls to be brave rather than perfect. It really struck a chord with me.
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September Weather- I've been spending my commute to work and school discovering some new jams so check out September's playlist:

Recap + jams: September weather

Happy autumn! The official start of my favorite season has me jumping for joy…. and, quite frankly, so does September being over.
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Hair donation 101

Every so often I get the feeling that it’s time for a drastic chop. Once I have the idea in my head, I know it’s just a matter of time before I decide to cut and donate my hair! Over the years I have donated my hair three 3 times- to 3 different organizations. There
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ESL lessons download - The Wanderess

Adult ESL lessons: the basics

Last year while interning abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica, I had the wonderful opportunity to create and implement my very own ESL lessons for adults.  And now I want to share them with you!! Keep
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I’m sure I will create a million more Pete the Cat lessons as time goes on but that’s because I absolutely ADORE these books!  
I don’t know about you but August snuck up on me. All summer I felt like I was looking forward to August because, for me, that was when all the big things were happening. Well, August, you came in with a bang!
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Recap + jams: July Saturday night

By July I had gotten into the swing of things. I was somehow getting up at 6 for work everyday and feeling like I had turned over a new leaf. I had been aching for an adventure after social media-stalking numerous friends of mine on their post-grad cross country road trips. In typical Erin fashion, I decided
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Recap + jams: June came so soon

After a few weeks hanging at the beach and hitting the gym, summer got on its way as I started my nannying job with the best little munchkins I could ask for. This month was a lot about transitioning to being back home and figuring future things out little by little. 
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Recap + jams: May flowers

May was intense. Being a senior in college, the entire month felt like a whirlwind of emotions. This month I: 

Recap + jams: April Showers

If I’ve never mentioned it before, I am an avid Spotify user. I love being able to discover new music and have songs from any genre literally at my fingertips. (By the way, this is not an ad! I really do recommend it to everyone I know… Spotify, we can totally partner together here. I already do your marketing
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The Best Tofu-free Vegan Omelette!

Tofu-free vegan omelet

I’ve seen a lot of vegan omelet recipes that called for tofu but recently I found this one from The Tasty K (which I modified a bit) that instead called for lentil or garbanzo bean flour. I have been wanting to try it out for weeks and finally had the chance so I’m excited to share it!
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Video: My Costa Rican Adventure

After weeks of meticulous editing, I am proud to say that the video of my semester in Costa Rica is finally up on YouTube!! The four months I spent in Central America brought with it some of the most indescribably wonderful moments of my life that I’m so happy to be able to share. Pura