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I'm stoked to have you here! I'm a 22-year-old wanderess obsessed with seeing the world! The catch: I'm also a full time teacher and grad student who likes to do allllll of the things. Busy is an understatement! So while I crave spontaneity and adventure, I also rely on routines, schedules, and bold lipstick to get me through the day with a smile. Do you know the feeling? Many of us are in the same boat: striving to fit seeing the world and becoming our best selves into our own busy lives. I share my weird and wonderful experiences to take the guesswork out of traveling, living a deliciously plant-based lifestyle, and creating everyday happiness.  

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    Slow cooker lentil soup

    I’m not a big fan of winter. Even though I’ve grown up in New England, I’m a bit wimpy when it comes to the cold. Plus, winter makes me so feel extra tired and lazy. That’s where our slow cooker comes in. I’m obsessed with them. On days I’m too lazy or too busy to...
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    Mind body dialogues: learning to love the skin I’m in

    This post is adapted from a piece I wrote for the 2016 Mind Body Dialogues performance at Endicott College. I was always a little bigger growing up. Despite being involved in every sport you could think of, and teaching myself healthy eating habits, genetics got the best of me. I spent my childhood overweight and...
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    Creating a focus for your year + the year of creativity

    Have you ever created a focus word for the year? 2016 was the first year I did it – the year of ambition – and I loved having a mantra to help me push through the times I wasn’t feeling so ambitious. This year I’ve created a new focus and I urge you to do...
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    Goal setting + my 2017 goals

    Confession: I’m high-key into goal setting. Even if you’re not a fan of New Years Resolutions, you can set goals anytime during the year to help you continue striving to be a better version of yourself! Here are a few ways that I like to set goals and prioritize what’s most important so that I can...
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    10 ways to make the most of your Monday

    Ahhhh, Monday! The start of a new week. A fresh page, a blank slate. If you’re rolling your eyes or yawning or thinking, this lady is crazy… I hate Mondays, just hear me out for a sec. Sure, the last thing I want to do is peel myself out of my suddenly extra comfortable bed to...